Natasha Mmonatau


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Natasha Mmonatau is an actress and multidisciplinary artist devoted to telling powerful stories rooted in afrofuturism, earth science, and black femininity. Natasha was born and raised in Botswana, a beautiful, semi-arid country just to the north of South Africa, and is currently based in Los Angeles. She recently graduated with her Master of Arts in Earth Systems and Communications from Stanford University, and is transitioning to full-time creative work.  

Photo Credits to TRUE MVMNT and J. MAXWELL HAWES Photography 

Debut Performance: Inamorata

Featured on Issa Rae Presents #shortfilmsundays

A new short by a new creator, the first Sunday of every month. After learning of her husband's infidelity, Lola Francis finds herself in his lover's bedroom. What happens between the two women, neither see coming. Sabina Karlsson and Natasha Mmonatau star in this seductive drama dripping with supernatural elements.

Natasha makes a double debut in this performance, both as an actress and as a hip hop artist, with her song "Indigo" appearing at the closing scene and credits. 

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